Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We made today Explore God World so no school.

Today was Explore God world with Daddy Mathew.
Sometime on this of the week we do field trips, libary or hands on fun things or just give Mathew a free school pass. Today because of the weather Daddy gave Mathew a free school pass means NO SCHOOL.
It was raining this morning and cold so no outside. Mathew has been allow to play different things today.
I went to a ladies bible study and meeting it was very good.
Because DH has new job which he will be working night shift. Because of this and Mathew is older his new bedtime is 9:00 P.M.. He was also told if he gave us in trouble his bedtime would go back to 8:00 P.M..
Mathew gave us a big grin when told of his new bedtime.

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  1. I can just imagine his grin!:) Thanks for stopping by my blog!