Friday, May 7, 2010

Mathew is gifted in the sense of humor.

Well today Matt & I took Mathew Bowling he was doing the Fred Flintstone Bowling thing where Fred gets on his toes and Bowls Will Mathew was trying to do that it was funny to watch him Matt and had some good laughs. Also Mathew would talk and wave his hands at the ball it was so funny to watch.
Mathew is into Mathew right now LOL he wants how many days is in a year and I tell 365 days makes a year he goes would it great to have a birthday every day I go know you would be old LOL.
Matt gave Mathew my bowling shoes and was telling I had the wrong size I go honey those are mine. These are Mathew size 13 kids I have size 3 kids. I ask Mathew did he put on my Bowling shoes he goes Daddy gave to me. LOL

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