Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Springs in the air at our house

Well today was explore God'S World : We made cupcakes for Sprakies at AWANA tonight. We watch Grandmmomy and took her to the Dr. And Matt & Mathew clean the front yard some woo hoo.
I clean the family room & Kitchen and did some laundry. I cannot belive we only have 15 days of this school years left.boy has it gone fast.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Great Field Trip

We to a park in Farmville, Virginia for an Easter celebration with some other homeschool. That had Easter Egg hint, and dyeing eggs and crafts. WE had to leave early due DH has to work tonight so we miss all the relay race and Easter Story about GOD.
The neat thing happen Mathew got use a new spinner to dye and he yellow and blue for one. The next it was purple and green he goes to one of the ladies in charge purple & green makes black see Science in a fun time.
He got candy, and toy bat and ball.The purple & green eggs is light black or gray.
Also these homeschool are so glad I am getting group for South Hill, VA and they are going to spread the word.
Well tomorrow is Expore God World we have my Mom before she come we are going to bake cup cakes for the Sprakies Awana group.
Thursday school the Spring break YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Things are differnt at our house today.

Today DH got off work we had family time this morning. Then DH went to bed. Mathew has been watching a movie and I have been getting things ready for my new homeschool my friend I have started a new homeschool we name it Sonshine Christian Homeschool group.
Our first meeting is April 8,2010 we also have a yahoo group for this. So if you don't live our area but want to share your home school adventures with us email me at
Then I can send you invite to join the our yahoo group. I have made a schedule of activities for April & May for our group. Also wrote our mission statement and policies
School will be at 12 noon here today Mathew said he does not want to wake up Daddy so could he watch some more shows. I gave my permission. Mathew has 17 days left of school. He has April 2,5-9 2010 for Spring Break he was give the choice no spring break and finish early he gave me big sigh and said I need a break a Spring Break LOL
Mathew is still doing reading and Math he is learning to time on a standards clock.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here are some website you might like , and The Homeschome Lounge

The week-end at our house

Well we clean the bathroom and Mathew room. I help Mathew. He goes why do all have to help clean I told him that is part of being a family and I don't play in your room.
DH work last night came home just got up now eating lunch.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Our Friday and other things

Well today was Speech Thearpy, Paid a couple of bills why getting our county decal we saw a lot people and one we had not seen in a couple of years.We were in MOPS together which stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. This was the Chamber of Commerce they have a Doll M and a train one both kids took each other very well. I was so happy to hear Mathew said T. want to come see my house and play her Mom another day. If you know my little guy he can be shy and picky about playing with younger kids and girls well T is a girl and 4 years old
Well Mathew was doing his reading with DH he tells DH you read to fast Daddy I want Mom.
Mathew for Mathew is learning how to tell time with a standard clock.
Now it is P.E. because it is raining Mathew gets PS2 what happy little boy.
I know my templace keeps changing Mathew and I play round to see what we like best. Mathew pick this one

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Well today we had a field trip.

First Mathew and I went to Speech Thearpy then did school in the truck just reading. Then off to a different town to the bank Mathew learn about safe deposit box the bank vault no one but employee get to know where this is.
Have great day ,

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My review on The Wanna be Series-Firefighter

This is my review on the Wanna Be series When I grew up I want be a Firefighter.
I was sent a e-book on this to download.
Well Mathew and I did this study Most of Monday and today. I like it because it has all subject to teach subject as Handwriting , History and Science and English also Math.
I found for had good information. The website did not work. Also it was more for third grade and up., I did like it had activity for all ages to do.
I found the Math good but hard for younger students.
I like that it had all the answer keys.
I would recommend this project for for older children students and more then one students. Also for people who do unit study and lapbook
The Old School House Magazine puts this out. I did love the different Theme activity they subject and the end of the program.
When my child is older I think this would be a good product. Phone number 1-888-718-home or 1888-718-4663
Shirley Clark

Thank you,

Our last day with this unit study of I want to Be a Firefighter

Today we learn to be a firefighter you have to be 18 years old and go to Fire Academy for 17-20 weeks for training.
The Firefighter telling the story works in Southwest part of the Untied States he has a wife and three children. He explain a Fire fighter works 24 hour shift and also have to be in good shape.
Each Firefighter has a different job and title and a fire truck is call apparatus and the firefighter who drive is is a engineer
The fir fighter use dogs in the 1800's to help move people out of the way and other dogs from scare the horse.
They us a Dalmatians because they were not scare of horse.
Firefighter gets paid a according to their job title and years on the job. Also where they live. Paid ranges from $30,000-$84,000 dollars.
There are volunteer Fire department these Firefighter do not get paid.
Shirley Clark

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We made today Explore God World so no school.

Today was Explore God world with Daddy Mathew.
Sometime on this of the week we do field trips, libary or hands on fun things or just give Mathew a free school pass. Today because of the weather Daddy gave Mathew a free school pass means NO SCHOOL.
It was raining this morning and cold so no outside. Mathew has been allow to play different things today.
I went to a ladies bible study and meeting it was very good.
Because DH has new job which he will be working night shift. Because of this and Mathew is older his new bedtime is 9:00 P.M.. He was also told if he gave us in trouble his bedtime would go back to 8:00 P.M..
Mathew gave us a big grin when told of his new bedtime.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today review on The Wanna be Series is I Want to be a Fir fighter

Today we learn the history of fire fighter we learn they use a bucket brigades to put out fires and then went to insurance. The fire station would sabotage other fire station equipment and they is how dogs became part of the Fire dept was to protect there fire station equipment. And each parts of US has different codes for buildings which are laws.
We lap book today and did a word search and fill in blank story about Firefighter and their equipment.Also the way Fire Station and the Fire Fighters are done now star about 1800's.
This unit study has Science Spelling and History and some Math.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday we have been to church.
Matt and Mathew are getting ready to watch the Nascar race and Mathew is playing PS2 Nascar race game.
Tomorrow in school we will do a a unit study on I want to be a Firefighter also Math, Science and Reading and English. Mathew Springs Break starts on April 2,2010 he starts school again on April 12,210. I explain to him we could skip Spring Break and get out a week early. He goes I need a break LOL. So we will finish end of April if none gets ill again. And we will start again in August 9,2010. When he is not doing school regular we do read every day also take field trips and some kind of science.
Watch to see my daily reviews on the I wanna be series this week and final review Friday for (TOS)
Have a bless day

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mathew Woodcock-Johnson test

Well Mathew took his first Woodcock-Johnson test. We him a lower grade level because according to our state he is K-5. We did a First grade curriculum he did over all grade level 2 to 3 grade he did one the test a story recall she said blow her way he 13.1 which is college freshmen and another reading thing 3.5 grade level. She did see a learning disability in writing.Also ADHD some Sensory Process Disorder.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mathew got a day off of school

Mathew got a day off of school. Mathew had speech then some test for OT. We found out he has low muscle tone. When the Lady said that I though about when he was born they is something the nurse said about him to. Now he will get OT also.
He earn no school today and to go to the Moon Bounce in South Hill, Va we stay three hours the Moon Bounce is a place with things kids climb in and jump.
He also on to play PS2.
Saturday he and I get to go out of town he has the Woodcock-Johnson test to do this about a three hour test.
Pray he does well then on April 15 & 16 2010 he has the CAT test to take and then we go see the specialist. Pray for all us and he will get true reading on all theses test.
We know he has Speech problem and low muscle tone also gifted.
Thank Shirley

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This my review for Download N. Go seires on a Expedition Australia

Hello Friends,
This my first review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I was allow to have a Down N Go series An Expedition Australia by Amanda Bennette an e-book.This is a five days unit study about Australia each day we look at a different animals and city and history of Australia this was also a lapbook study so it had lots of hands on projects and also video to look at this unit study had History,Science,Math and English and Music. and it only took about hour a day you could make it last longer or shorter. It is very well done and children friendly. This the first time I have done a lap book I like it because each day he show someone what he did in school he show both set of Grandparents.
I did this with my son for five days we enjoy it. It is a good product. Something I would do make it better instead of all the worksheet in the back of the e-book. I would have them with each day it was little confusing and some extra work to keep going and see what I need. Also some of the website were not working.
This could be use for pre-k till about third grade.
This product is $8.95 which I think is a excellent price.
I would recommend this product to others.
I made lap book for each day and put in folder of his for a keepsake my lap book is a little different I took what he did and all paper for that day staples together.
Shirley Clark
Shirley Clark

Our fifth and last day on our Expedition in Australia,

Well we have a good tome learning about Australia. We went Syndey Ausrtalia it was 68 to degrees and Friday Morning at 1:56 A.M. And we learn the Tasmanian Devil babies are call joey grow up 30 inches weight up to 30lb they are night animals and eat snakes, incest and dead animals. Also we learn Boomerang and what is use for and how it works.
Also we went to the Outback. Our new words was biscuits means cookies. And Boomerang is use for Warfare and an a toy they comes back to us. Learn and heard their Australia National Anthem. Peter Dobbs McCormick wrote the Australia Anthem in 1901 an it was sung & play on January 1,1907 as there Anthem Few people live in the Outback and mostly animals live there.
Shirley Clark

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today is Explore God's World so we did not go to Australia

Today for school we Explore God world . We took a ride around town with Grandmommy Brown and then ate at AppleBees and talk about St. Patrick Day and the Trinity and how he explain to the Irish people with a three leaf clover The Father God, Jesus the son and Holy Spirit they are one but all different.
Mathew was cute this morning he goes Mom it is Wednesday do what they means I go no school IT is Explore God World day yes Mom but not hat I go tonight is Awana is but not that it is St.Party Day I have to wear green. He found a green shirt.
Tomorrow is our last day to go Australia. Then I will write my review for this product. Then we will do a Wanna be series on I want to be a Firefighter.
Be bless all
Shirley & Mathew.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our Day Third in Australia

My name is Mathew.I learn about ocean there are 4 oceans . the word for today is fair dinkum which means is that the truth.Platypus he looks like a duck weigh 5 lb ans 18 inches long at their Australia January 26 it is Summer over their it is Wednesday at 2:00 A.M. and 67 degree in South hill it is 46 degrees and it is Tuesday at 11:04 A.M. and 72 degrees
We went to Melborne. Australia we could not see how far it was because it was not working.We learn about mountains high 300 km.We look at videos about the mountains. They have an Australia day on January 26 to celebrate the first 11 jailbird coming over from Great Britain. They celebrate by having parade and have a party. I made my 4 day lap book also.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Three On our Expedition To Australia

G'Day Friends
Well School was different today first we had non plan field trip. We went to Sam Club and out to eat/ We did Math and using our good manners.
Then we got home this afternoon and did an hour of school today first we did our Trip to Australia our today was barbie which means a Bar - Que We made a Acrostic out the word Australia. We learn about the Great Victoria Dessert explore Ernest Giles found and name after Queen Victoria. We then learn about the Wombat they can be this long 0.075-1.2 m could not found out how much they weight in the ground and likes to tree leaves . The time their is 6:01 A.M. Tuesday and it was 66 degrees. In South Hill it was 4:10 P.M. and 57 degrees. We were supposed to see how far Brisbane Australia from South Hill, Va the website would not work sorry. We learn about their flag it has 7 starts one is Commonwealth Stars and it has British cross with lines.
And we learn about Captain James Cook arrived in 1770 to Australia.
Also some people are call Aboriginal Australia they are from Asia and 1976 were told they could be citizens. They are know for their Music instrument name didgeridoo it is wood instrument made from Bamboo trees it is play at funerals Sunset it can be 5 ft long.
After the lap book was done we did our read program.
Tonight is Cub Scouts.
We hope you enjoy our blog.
Shirley and Mathew

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our Sunday

We are all sleepy!!!!!!! We made it to church and Mathew made it to Dive Team. Which is children church he told me they talk about the bible stories finally understood they did a review of Ten Commands, Creation and about Noah I go oh you had reviw, yes. They are making and quit blanket each for each bible stories they do and it will be ready in a year. This our new version of Children I really like it.
We use to children church but just the last part of church. This is the whole service and it teaches them about the Lord on their level and how we are to act in regular church services.
We went our for brunch. Now we are home Matt in our Bedroo watching his show, Mathew on PS2 and I am here on computer.
Have Great in the Lord

Saturday, March 13, 2010

About this blog.

This blog is for me to review home school products for The old school house Magazine aka TOS I have two e-books I am using and will review here The first is a Down n Go book about Australia and the next is about When I grew up I want be A Firefighter this is from the Wannabe series. So you can read about my and Mathew exepedition Australia. Then I will write a review next week for it. Then Mathew and I will do the Firefighter one and I will write about and do a review on it.
This is try out for me for as a crew member doing reviews
Thank you ,

I Was Busy as a Beaver Today!!!!!!!!!

I was busy as beaver today I deep clean our home and did laundry. Also I have made supper and took a walk with Mathew.Also bathed both our dogs.
Mathew and I go back on our Expedition to Australia. . I found a folder to put his lap books in . Now I have to found Day one lap book.
We are well now yeah. So church in the morning and Mathew goes to our children Church call The Dive Team he loves.
Fell free to leave comments.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Two Of Our Expedition Australia

G'Day which means good day We learn about Uluru Rock it is 1141 feet high, The word we learn is G'Day. The animal we lean about was the Kangaroos they can grow to 6 ft and weight up 200lb but when born only weight 0.03. They travel in Mobs with the biggest Male on charge. . A baby Kangaroos are call Joeys they are born and then stay in the Mother pouch for 2 months then come out at about 8 months. They came run up to 35 miles
They eat grassy stuff Also they have Red Kangaroos who live in the dessert.
It is Saturday Morning at 12:03 A.M.and the Temps was 70 degree.
And the city Perth, Australia is 11348 miles from South Hill, Virginia.
This e-books has unit study and lap book stuff.
Matthew has an hat he got from Subway about Australia he wore today for school.
He keeps telling me that Australia is to far to travel every day.
Right not we are just doing this and his read book.
Have G'Day frineds
Shirley and Mathew

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our school day in Australia

Hello Everyone,
Well we use a new thing today call An Expedition Australia.We learn it is already Friday Morning their and 54 degree. And about the Koala bears they are not bears. They carried their babies in their pouch. and grow up to 2 feet tall and weight about 35 lb.
Also we learn a new word lollies mean candy . They speak English in Australia but have some of their own words for things. This is a lap book and a 5 day expedition so each day I write here about our expedition. Then give a whole review on this.
Mathew told he really enjoy doing his lap book we did my version.
Have g-day mates.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New to Blogging

My other blog would not let me in. so I had to created this one I hope I got right this time. I will give my followers a glance into our home school life and do reviews on home school products.