Sunday, April 4, 2010


Today early church and Mathew at Children call Dive Team. We Matt's Mom over and my parents. WE had for supper Ham , Mash potatoes, String Beans ,Pizza and M&C and rolls Cake.
Mathew recived a DS game a Video and Easter Baskek has not open in yet also Kit -kats and Resse cups.Granny gave Mathew an Video also we gave him chimpunk she gave him the the 2ed one. They were very good.
That all Folks


  1. Hi, I saw you comment about using the button codes over @ the UBP at 5 minutes for mom. You copy the entire code of the button you want. Then you go to edit layout on your blogger dashboard - click on add a gadget, then click on HTML/Javascript . PASTE code into body and add a title if you'd like. SAVE - click and drag saved box to place where you'd like it in your layout. Thenm save again. :) To put it IN your party post. Go to HTML (tab on top of post body when typing a post) PASTE code there then go back to compose mode- button should look like the button. :) If you have any questions, feel free to email me - and welcome to blogging!