Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sorry I have MIA .

Sorry I have been MIA I forgot my password.
WELL Mathew finish first grade on April 20,2010 He was so upset went I told him he was promote to second grade he goes oh no I am in First grade I need to stay in first grade. Matt & I explain Promote to him. Then he was so excite he goes I passa nd I was promote to second grade.Then he goes NO SCHOOL FOR 90 DAYS i HAD TOLD HIM FOR THREE MONTHS LOL. We will start school again on August 9,2010.
We will still have him read every day and we will read to him and do do field trips and Homeschool stuff with Sonshine Christian Homeschool group.
We had Earth class Thursday and he went to Moon Bonce after class. We went to the state park today and learn the Cycle and food Chain and made a Food web.
Mathew Speech Thearpy has been reduce 1x week and now he will get OT he does not have dsygraphic he has low mucsle tone from cord being around his neck at birth.
It really does hurt him to write but with ot he will be good a s new .

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