Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Great Field Trip

We to a park in Farmville, Virginia for an Easter celebration with some other homeschool. That had Easter Egg hint, and dyeing eggs and crafts. WE had to leave early due DH has to work tonight so we miss all the relay race and Easter Story about GOD.
The neat thing happen Mathew got use a new spinner to dye and he yellow and blue for one. The next it was purple and green he goes to one of the ladies in charge purple & green makes black see Science in a fun time.
He got candy, and toy bat and ball.The purple & green eggs is light black or gray.
Also these homeschool are so glad I am getting group for South Hill, VA and they are going to spread the word.
Well tomorrow is Expore God World we have my Mom before she come we are going to bake cup cakes for the Sprakies Awana group.
Thursday school the Spring break YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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