Thursday, March 18, 2010

Our fifth and last day on our Expedition in Australia,

Well we have a good tome learning about Australia. We went Syndey Ausrtalia it was 68 to degrees and Friday Morning at 1:56 A.M. And we learn the Tasmanian Devil babies are call joey grow up 30 inches weight up to 30lb they are night animals and eat snakes, incest and dead animals. Also we learn Boomerang and what is use for and how it works.
Also we went to the Outback. Our new words was biscuits means cookies. And Boomerang is use for Warfare and an a toy they comes back to us. Learn and heard their Australia National Anthem. Peter Dobbs McCormick wrote the Australia Anthem in 1901 an it was sung & play on January 1,1907 as there Anthem Few people live in the Outback and mostly animals live there.
Shirley Clark

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