Thursday, March 18, 2010

This my review for Download N. Go seires on a Expedition Australia

Hello Friends,
This my first review for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. I was allow to have a Down N Go series An Expedition Australia by Amanda Bennette an e-book.This is a five days unit study about Australia each day we look at a different animals and city and history of Australia this was also a lapbook study so it had lots of hands on projects and also video to look at this unit study had History,Science,Math and English and Music. and it only took about hour a day you could make it last longer or shorter. It is very well done and children friendly. This the first time I have done a lap book I like it because each day he show someone what he did in school he show both set of Grandparents.
I did this with my son for five days we enjoy it. It is a good product. Something I would do make it better instead of all the worksheet in the back of the e-book. I would have them with each day it was little confusing and some extra work to keep going and see what I need. Also some of the website were not working.
This could be use for pre-k till about third grade.
This product is $8.95 which I think is a excellent price.
I would recommend this product to others.
I made lap book for each day and put in folder of his for a keepsake my lap book is a little different I took what he did and all paper for that day staples together.
Shirley Clark
Shirley Clark

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