Friday, March 12, 2010

Day Two Of Our Expedition Australia

G'Day which means good day We learn about Uluru Rock it is 1141 feet high, The word we learn is G'Day. The animal we lean about was the Kangaroos they can grow to 6 ft and weight up 200lb but when born only weight 0.03. They travel in Mobs with the biggest Male on charge. . A baby Kangaroos are call Joeys they are born and then stay in the Mother pouch for 2 months then come out at about 8 months. They came run up to 35 miles
They eat grassy stuff Also they have Red Kangaroos who live in the dessert.
It is Saturday Morning at 12:03 A.M.and the Temps was 70 degree.
And the city Perth, Australia is 11348 miles from South Hill, Virginia.
This e-books has unit study and lap book stuff.
Matthew has an hat he got from Subway about Australia he wore today for school.
He keeps telling me that Australia is to far to travel every day.
Right not we are just doing this and his read book.
Have G'Day frineds
Shirley and Mathew

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