Sunday, March 21, 2010

Today is Sunday

Today is Sunday we have been to church.
Matt and Mathew are getting ready to watch the Nascar race and Mathew is playing PS2 Nascar race game.
Tomorrow in school we will do a a unit study on I want to be a Firefighter also Math, Science and Reading and English. Mathew Springs Break starts on April 2,2010 he starts school again on April 12,210. I explain to him we could skip Spring Break and get out a week early. He goes I need a break LOL. So we will finish end of April if none gets ill again. And we will start again in August 9,2010. When he is not doing school regular we do read every day also take field trips and some kind of science.
Watch to see my daily reviews on the I wanna be series this week and final review Friday for (TOS)
Have a bless day

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