Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Today is Explore God's World so we did not go to Australia

Today for school we Explore God world . We took a ride around town with Grandmommy Brown and then ate at AppleBees and talk about St. Patrick Day and the Trinity and how he explain to the Irish people with a three leaf clover The Father God, Jesus the son and Holy Spirit they are one but all different.
Mathew was cute this morning he goes Mom it is Wednesday do what they means I go no school IT is Explore God World day yes Mom but not hat I go tonight is Awana is but not that it is St.Party Day I have to wear green. He found a green shirt.
Tomorrow is our last day to go Australia. Then I will write my review for this product. Then we will do a Wanna be series on I want to be a Firefighter.
Be bless all
Shirley & Mathew.

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