Monday, March 29, 2010

Things are differnt at our house today.

Today DH got off work we had family time this morning. Then DH went to bed. Mathew has been watching a movie and I have been getting things ready for my new homeschool my friend I have started a new homeschool we name it Sonshine Christian Homeschool group.
Our first meeting is April 8,2010 we also have a yahoo group for this. So if you don't live our area but want to share your home school adventures with us email me at
Then I can send you invite to join the our yahoo group. I have made a schedule of activities for April & May for our group. Also wrote our mission statement and policies
School will be at 12 noon here today Mathew said he does not want to wake up Daddy so could he watch some more shows. I gave my permission. Mathew has 17 days left of school. He has April 2,5-9 2010 for Spring Break he was give the choice no spring break and finish early he gave me big sigh and said I need a break a Spring Break LOL
Mathew is still doing reading and Math he is learning to time on a standards clock.

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