Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My review on The Wanna be Series-Firefighter

This is my review on the Wanna Be series When I grew up I want be a Firefighter.
I was sent a e-book on this to download.
Well Mathew and I did this study Most of Monday and today. I like it because it has all subject to teach subject as Handwriting , History and Science and English also Math.
I found for had good information. The website did not work. Also it was more for third grade and up., I did like it had activity for all ages to do.
I found the Math good but hard for younger students.
I like that it had all the answer keys.
I would recommend this project for for older children students and more then one students. Also for people who do unit study and lapbook
The Old School House Magazine puts this out. I did love the different Theme activity they subject and the end of the program.
When my child is older I think this would be a good product. Phone number 1-888-718-home or 1888-718-4663
Shirley Clark

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