Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our last day with this unit study of I want to Be a Firefighter

Today we learn to be a firefighter you have to be 18 years old and go to Fire Academy for 17-20 weeks for training.
The Firefighter telling the story works in Southwest part of the Untied States he has a wife and three children. He explain a Fire fighter works 24 hour shift and also have to be in good shape.
Each Firefighter has a different job and title and a fire truck is call apparatus and the firefighter who drive is is a engineer
The fir fighter use dogs in the 1800's to help move people out of the way and other dogs from scare the horse.
They us a Dalmatians because they were not scare of horse.
Firefighter gets paid a according to their job title and years on the job. Also where they live. Paid ranges from $30,000-$84,000 dollars.
There are volunteer Fire department these Firefighter do not get paid.
Shirley Clark

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