Friday, March 19, 2010

Mathew got a day off of school

Mathew got a day off of school. Mathew had speech then some test for OT. We found out he has low muscle tone. When the Lady said that I though about when he was born they is something the nurse said about him to. Now he will get OT also.
He earn no school today and to go to the Moon Bounce in South Hill, Va we stay three hours the Moon Bounce is a place with things kids climb in and jump.
He also on to play PS2.
Saturday he and I get to go out of town he has the Woodcock-Johnson test to do this about a three hour test.
Pray he does well then on April 15 & 16 2010 he has the CAT test to take and then we go see the specialist. Pray for all us and he will get true reading on all theses test.
We know he has Speech problem and low muscle tone also gifted.
Thank Shirley

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