Monday, March 15, 2010

Day Three On our Expedition To Australia

G'Day Friends
Well School was different today first we had non plan field trip. We went to Sam Club and out to eat/ We did Math and using our good manners.
Then we got home this afternoon and did an hour of school today first we did our Trip to Australia our today was barbie which means a Bar - Que We made a Acrostic out the word Australia. We learn about the Great Victoria Dessert explore Ernest Giles found and name after Queen Victoria. We then learn about the Wombat they can be this long 0.075-1.2 m could not found out how much they weight in the ground and likes to tree leaves . The time their is 6:01 A.M. Tuesday and it was 66 degrees. In South Hill it was 4:10 P.M. and 57 degrees. We were supposed to see how far Brisbane Australia from South Hill, Va the website would not work sorry. We learn about their flag it has 7 starts one is Commonwealth Stars and it has British cross with lines.
And we learn about Captain James Cook arrived in 1770 to Australia.
Also some people are call Aboriginal Australia they are from Asia and 1976 were told they could be citizens. They are know for their Music instrument name didgeridoo it is wood instrument made from Bamboo trees it is play at funerals Sunset it can be 5 ft long.
After the lap book was done we did our read program.
Tonight is Cub Scouts.
We hope you enjoy our blog.
Shirley and Mathew

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